What to Absolutely Do About an Unplanned Pregnancy

It’s no doubt having a baby is a gift and a blessing. But when the blessing comes at a time you’re totally unprepared, you may lose sight of this blessing and be filled with all sorts of emotions other than happiness.

When we found out

This was the situation when I found out I was pregnant with my second. I was not ready to be a mom again. I had barely figured out what being a mom was all about.

From the moment I started experiencing early pregnancy signs and symptoms, I dreaded taking the pregnancy test. I put off taking the test severally, in anticipation that my menses would miraculously come.

After realizing delaying the test wasn’t going to change the results, I braved it up and finally took the test.

There it was, two bold lines staring at me. I was broken and confused.

Getting pregnant at the time I did was emotionally very hard for me… I had other plans and a baby was definitely going to slow me down.

Our decision

unwanted pregnancy

After a thorough discussion about the pregnancy, we knew on the only way for us was to keep it.
First, because we were Christians, second because we were not going to punish an innocent child for “our mistake”. With everything that was happening in our lives, it seemed like the most unrealistic at the time.

Prenatal depression and postpartum

In my state of depression I could hardly do anything. For over 6 months or so, I barley touched my blog. I couldn’t bring myself to write anything. I just existed.

My pregnancy and childbirth was uneventful or so it seemed. My postpartum recovery was hard. I cried a few times out of physical pain.

It’s been a whole 365 days since this little angel was born. My life hasn’t been the same ever. I’m so glad she’s in my life. She’s sweet and spicy. I’m not even sure what that means.

She warms my heart in so many ways. She’s sugar personified.

Your decision

If you’re single and pregnant, keeping a baby when you’re not ready is a HARD decision but one you will NOT live to regret. People will judge you and so what? If you’re married it MAY BE a little easier or not.

What is there not to love about a cute face, giggles and coos?

Maybe the sleepless nights, maybe the unending cries? They will grow out of it. They won’t cry all the time.

How about the fear of not being able to provide enough for them?

The truth is it, can be tough and rough but you have to strong for yourself and your little one to get through.

Hopefully, you’ll get enough inspiration from the innocent eyes to even fight harder at other aspects of life.

Life can be tough but you my darling, are tougher !!!

If you’re still on the fence about what to do about an unwanted, unplanned or unexpected pregnancy, keep it.
It might be the only chance at LOVE you will ever get!

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