13 Easy Things You Can Do Today for a Cleaner Home. Yes with Kids!

how to live in a clean home with kids

For the longest time I felt living in a clean home WITH LITTLE ONES was mission impossicant meaning, IT CANNOT BE POSSIBLE (that’s a word I made up in case you’re wondering).
I would sadly clean because, I knew it was most likely a matter of minutes before we were back to mess.
It felt like, what’s the point in cleaning anyway if we’re still going to be living here?

I honestly don’t think any mom you should stress about having a squeaky clean home with kids unless you have help in constantly cleaning up!

Having a messy home can be an additional source of stress. However, I found these tips helps in keeping the mess to a minimum… In addition, you won’t cringe if you should ever have a surprise visitor!

1. Clear your kitchen counter always

The number way to let your kitchen look clean is to clear the counter! If your counter looks cluttered it’s time to take a step and consider putting away some items. What items do you constantly use?
Make space in your cabinet for the items you constantly use and keep them there! So they are within reach anyway.

2. Toy rotation

The amount of mess children can make with a their toys can be super stressful.
Injury from tripping from a toy is even more dangerous. The truth is, they can’t play with all the toys all the time!
Thus keep the toys organized, out of sight and rotate it!
Depending on the amount of toys that they have, it could be one or two toys per week!
For example, it’s a painting and legos this week.

Rotating toys creates a different euphoria- it’s like receiving a new toy at Christmas.

A simple toy rotation system means less mess and the kid(s), excited!

3. Designated play area

If your kids have a play room, perfect! Keep the toys there. This will prevent them from moving toys from one room to the next and spreading the toys all over.

how to live in a clean home with kids

4. Keep dinning table clear too

It’s a no no to keep anything on my dinning area. Because of the proximity I find it becomes convenient to leave car keys and grocery shopping bags on it!
It’s okay if it’s for a short while but definitely don’t let it become a storage site.

how to live in a clean house with kids

5. Storage or organization bins with lids

This is a great and quick way to organize stuff around the house. It helps so nothing is lying around aimlessly. It can be used for toys or anything that needs to be put away until it’s needed.

6. Tidy basket (to move items from one room to the next).

It prevents a lot of back and forth movement. For example if you need to move toys or clean clothes to the kids drawers, one basket can help you move all the stuff at a goal instead of multiple movements. The bonus is, they can serve as decorative pieces.

how to live in a clean home with kids

7. Declutter (decluttering is big)

Decluttering means doing away with what you don’t need to create space for what you actually use. If you spend an ample amount of time searching for stuff, you need to declutter.

Once you start having kids, the clutter starts accumulating. This is because, you buy EVERYTHING for your first baby then maybe not so much for your second baby. From clothes to feeding supplies, toys, car seats and the list goes on… The kids grow outta these but for some reason, we hang onto to them.

The subject of cluttering is a full blog post! As much as possible, dispose of items not being used immediately you notice they’re not being used!

In addition, give everything a home else dispose off it before it builds up as clutter.

8. Lock up stuff

My toddler moves around the house lot, sometimes undoing stuff as I do them! For instance, she can pulls out clothes that have been sorted and ironed into her drawer on the floor. Or scatter neatly arranged cutlery. Even before you’re a a 100 percent certain of what they can and cannot do , keep everything under lock and key (not quite in the picture but I’m sure you understand what I mean).

I lock everything I can including the fridge because food too can be pulled out and spilled all over the place.

9. Teach your kids to clean up after themselves!

Even if you have a help who cleans your home! You’ll be giving them life skills ! It’s a joy to watch my 6 year old nephew put away his shoes, lay his bed, clear the dinning table after meals and discard his tiny leftovers into the trash!
I’ve started asking my two year old to pick up her toys when she scatters them! It works! Well mostly. What also helps is making the toy picking a counting activity.

10. Keep some music on!

It’s so easy to get burnt out trying to keep a clean home. And yes grumpy too. So whilst you’re it, keep some music on, play a podcast something to keep you smiling and motivated whilst you’re at it!

11. Focus on one area!

You can’t do it all Mama. Even if you can, take it one-day at a time. Focus on cleaning one major area a day or a week depending on what works for you!

12. Never leave a room handed

I learnt this trick from momhacks.com . There’s always something that’s somewhere it shouldn’t be. Always resolve to never leave a room empty handed. Always be on the look out for items that ain’t properly placed and move them with you once you’re leaving a room.

13. Have a cleaning routine

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have a cleaning routine yet. But it’s a commitment you’re going to have to make if you want a clean home. Your routine should include daily activities in the morning and at night like sweeping.

how to keep a house clean with kids

How clean is your home Mama?
Do you care?
What tips works for you when it comes to keeping your home clean?

If you found this useful, spread the love!!! Thank you ?.

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