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Where were we? Why can’t moms sit pretty all day? Because we have to juggle our jobs with a baby or kids; because there’s a home to be kept; hungry mouths to feed plus we’re tired, ALWAYS tired. Does it get easier with time? Hmmm. You tell me…

Who Am I

Hi I’m NaaKai. The face behind this blog; and I’m a mom. Being a mom has it’s own challenges but I’m here to help make your pregnancy and mom life a little easier, fun and not so crazy. If you’re looking for inspiration as a new blogger or momprenuer, I’ve got you! Because I was once a procrastinator turned doer. 

How I Do It

How do I do this? By sharing the possibly best information- the things I wish I knew earlier, the mistakes I made as a new mom (so you can avoid them), tips from the ER and OPD you will only know if your hubby is a medical doctor and information through thorough research.

Why I Do What I Do

I have worked with multinational companies and currently have two degrees- a first degree in Soil Science and a higher degree in Development Management but there is more to life than having two degrees… education is important, very important but you don’t need a degree or two to change the world.
I was once the girl who always had the terrific ideas but always sat on the back burner. I would and could talk endless about them with so much enthusiasm but that was as far as it goes! But being a mom changed me.
First, I was tired of all the talk with nothing to show for it (I’m sure my hubby was too- because he pushed me so hard).
Two, I wanted my daughter to know her dreams were valid and she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. How else was I going to do that if I wasn’t living by example?

I wanted to inspire women and others through my voice (writing) and let women know they were never alone in their mothering journey, their quest to excel at their careers or their desire to do it ALL.
If you’re ready for some info, check out blog posts on how to increase breast milk stores, postpartum sex and pregnancy signs you may overlook!

Let's Be Friends

Let’s be friends. I would love to get to know you too. What would make your life a little easier as a mom?
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