25 Family Christmas Traditions You Will Regret Not Trying

Family Christmas traditions

Of all the times in the year, I really do look forward to Christmas (and birthdays). This is because, I undoubtedly want to create fond memories for my kids through our Christmas family traditions.

Moreover, I believe kids won’t always remember what present they got for Christmas- the beautiful clothes or the toys but the memories and the family Christmas traditions? They never forget!
I’m going to share with you a few Christmas traditions you should have as a family with or without kids.

Now the the memory making begin…

Pin-Christmas traditions

1. Christmas decor

There’s no decor like Christmas decorations. Christmas decor makes Christmas so magical. You can go all out if you’d like or keep it simple.
Sadly, I know I’m skipping a Christmas tree this year because I have a toddler I can’t “trust” and I can’t be guarding a Christmas tree with my life…
But of course, there are so many other ways to create the Christmas feeling without a tree. For instance using wreaths, lights, throw pillows.

2. Christmas crafts for kids

If you’re into DIY and looking for ways to engage your kids as well, Christmas crafts are an awesome way to go! There are tons and tons of ideas on youtube which can be done with simple, easy to find items from home.
Equally, if you’re having a Christmas tree, setting it up is another way to engage your kids.
One to of the activities I can’t wait to do is paper rings to count down to Christmas!

3. Movie night (as a couple and or with the kids)

One of my favorite movies of all time is home alone. I know… I have been watching this movie since I was a kid but it never gets too old. Other fun Christmas movies you can include on your watchlist even if you’ve watched it a million times already are:

  • The Grinch
  • The Christmas chronicles
  • Miracle on 34th street
  • A Christmas story
  • Klaus
  •  Love actually
  • The polar express
  • Better watch out (be warned, its a horror movie)
  • Elf
  • Christmas in Connecticut
  • Frosty the snowman
  • Bad Santa

4. Just bake

Bake cookies, cake ,ginger bread man just bake. I can’t forget the childhood Christmas memories of having the smell of baked goodies fill up our home at Christmas. The second best thing was to be be able to carry them to our neighbors home as a present from from my mom.
Till date, I’m still baking every Christmas with my mom but I promise not just to grease the pans but to learn this year.

Christmas traditions for families

5. Visiting family

Christmas used to be big family reunion times. The whole family would gather round and just catch up on what’s been going with everyone.
I’ve always loved writing so it was a good time for me to read to the family what my latest poems were.

Even if the whole family is not able to gather, it would be a good time to visit close family and friends and catch up.

6. Video call friends and family you can’t visit

You know how obsessed toddlers are with wanting to talk on the phone? Remember to video call family and friends you can’t visit. Whilst you’re at it, remember to sing a Christmas Carol or two.

7. Watching Christmas lights

A drive through town to watch Christmas lights can be exciting. So take a drive or walk (I plan to make this a counting activity with the kids when we do!).

8. Create a Christmas Carol playlist

There’s no Christmas without carols. Ahead of Christmas, put together your favorite Christmas carols and blast your home with it starting December 1 or later? You decide.

9. Handmade gift or present

Everyone can pick a gift off the shelf but a handmade gift is truly exceptional. Some simple presents you can make include: a handmade Christmas card, body butter, candles.

10. Go shopping for presents

Go shopping for presents as a family if you have no time for diy. If you’re not sure what to get for who, tell them ahead of time you got them a present and ask them to guess what it is. Bam! They will give you tons of ideas.

11. Game night

There are so many Christmas games to choose from. From minute to win it games to charades about Christmas. These games can be played as a family or couple or at family gatherings.

12. Create a Christmas wishlist

From a bucket list of things you’d like to do and places you’d like to go if not at Christmas, in the coming year.
A Christmas wish list by your kids (if they’re old enough) or your partner is a win.

13. Declutter

Who wants to declutter at Christmas? What I mean is giving out those clothes and shoes you haven’t worn the whole year but claim you love. Clothes that your kids have outgrown or toys they no longer use or need can all go to charity.

14. Christmas eve lightening of Christmas tree

We started attending lightening of Christmas tree events and it’s easily becoming one of my favorite Christmas traditions.
You can do your own Christmas lightening event at home.

Christmas traditions for families

15. Read the Christmas story and document personal lessons

What does Christmas mean to you and what lessons would you want your little humans to pick from it?
For me, Christmas is all about Christ and there’s no Christmas without Christ!
No matter how old your kids are, you can always read the story about the birth of Christ.

16. Christmas breakfast or dinner

I enjoy setting the table up for Christmas brunch or dinner. It’s something to look forward to because the dinning table gets it’s own twist of Christmas.

17. Visit Santa

I grew up in a place where Santa, elves or reindeers weren’t a big part of our Christmas celebration. If it is for you, you definitely would want to go and see Santa at the mall (or wherever), and it’s absolutely free!

Christmas traditions for families

18. Cuddle up and drink wine

When the kids go to bed during Christmas, it’s a good time to spend time alone with your spouse, talking about the highs and lows of the year, and drinking wine. It’s okay if things get touchy, who knows what can follow?

Family Christmas traditions

Random acts of kindness…

19. Donate lose change

Remember to donate your lose change when  you go shopping no matter how small. These monies goes back into giving for those who really need it.

20. Delivery man

We all shop online and have the delivery man bring it over. If you’re looking to light someone’s face who’s not family, try the deliveryman. What to give? Try homemade cookies or a slice of cake.

21. Package some goodies for those who beg in traffic

My part of the world have people begging in traffic. Christmas is a good time to be generous to them. Forget the myths about giving to beggars but remember to pray over your gifts.

Family Christmas traditions

22. Take family pics

Get professional portraits of the family at this Christmas or diy. No matter what happens, remember to capture the moment!

23. Christmas scavenger hunt

I’m really looking forward to doing a scavenger hunt when my kids are older. I know it’s one activity that will keep the kids busy for hours.
If your spouse is up for it, you actually even do it as adults. Who doesn’t want to be a kid again?

24. One special indoor or outdoor activity

It could be an indoor picnic or attending an outdoor event. There are usually tons of events being hosted but I’m not a big fan of large (especially with corona) but my choice is pretty obvious.

25. The “bronya” dress Christmas tradition

Bronya means, Christmas. Growing up, having new clothes (as a gift) for church was a Christmas tradition. It made us look forward to Christmas church services (so you could show your friends your new clothes or hairdo). Even though I still want new clothes for Christmas, I haven’t decided whether I want to pass on this tradition or not.

Pin-Christmas traditions

In conclusion, Christmas will give you many opportunities to be happy, merry and kind! Each time the opportunity shows up, take it!

What is your favorite childhood Christmas memory or tradition?

Which of these are you trying out?


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