How to Slay Your 2020 Goals

Slay your goals

The thrills of a new year. New year, new beginnings, fresh hope and high energy levels!
January have us feeling we can take on the world, conquer our fears and dare to dream!

Optimism-2020 goals

If those strong feelings of January would last forever! But unfortunately as the days goes by the “feeling” fizzles out leaving us dry like the harmattan. Sooner than later, we settle into routine life with our goals gathering dust or slowly slipping away. Does any of this sound familiar?

I have been through these instances more than once…

My story…

There was a time I used to set New Year Resolutions. Year after year I’d promise myself I’d do this and I’d do that. I’d look forward to a new year with so much hope that fizzled out rather quickly. As the days went by life would go back to normalcy with the gigantic dreams being given up or forgotten entirely. Sad! As a result, I stopped setting goals altogether. That way, I wouldn’t set myself up for failure.

My slogan became “one day at a time”. It’s not that life shouldn’t be taken one day at a time but it was my way of hiding behind an excuse.

However, I realized until you do something new, put in an effort, go the extra mile nothing’s really gonna change.

It’s still early days and yes it is possible for 2020 to be your best year yet! How? Stay with me…

How to Set and Achieve Your Goals

1. Priorities

Before you even set goals, it’s important to take stock of your life. What areas of your life are you unhappy with? What areas can you make an improvement?
Some people like to break it down into the various aspects of their lives: spiritual, physical, professional, financial and social. You can add more categories you deem fit.
What changes would you like to see in those areas?


2. Setting Goals

The goals set should be based on your priorities.
Did you know writing your goals down gives you a greater chance of actually achieving them? Up to 42%!  Source. It’s equally important to ensure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/ Relevant and Time bound (SMART).

setting goals

For instance, instead of just desiring to lose weight, be specific – I want to lose X amount of weight by the third quarter of 2020.

Notice the above statement has a specific goal- to lose weight.
It’s measurable- x amount of weight

Based on your current weight, losing x amount should be attainable and definitely realistic.

Time bound- by the first quarter.

3. Action plan

An action plan is simply a plan by which you intend to take action. So by what plans do you intend to achieve your goals?
This step is important so your goals don’t become a wish list but a plan with an actual roadmap.

4. Timeline

This helps to attach urgency and seriousness to our goals. The world resolves around deadlines!
Imagine you had two tasks to complete; one you could complete whenever and the other within a very specific period, which one would you prioritize? Obviously…

time bound.goals

5. Monitor and Review Your Goals

Don’t just write your goals down and forget about them. Constantly go over your goals, read them, review them. That’s why some people have vision boards as a constant reminder of where they wanna be.

Have your goals where you can remember! Go over them daily if you can so you don’t lose track.

With time you will realize which areas need more attention or effort or which areas needs a tweaking in implementation strategy.

6. Take Action

Enough of the talk, enough of the writing. Start taking action! It doesn’t matter how small those actions seem to be. What matters is you get started.
Remember it’s the little daily habits that will accumulate to make a big difference.
So don’t wait for perfect conditions. If you start making excuses like I will do B when I have A, then you’re probably already fighting a lost battle.

just start

7.Stay Motivated

The hardest part is following through your goals.
Not only will it will get tough, there will be distractions, exhaustion, tears, unanticipated happenings but you’re tougher than all these.

If you don’t have a big why it’s so easy to settle back into “normal life”. There should be something that makes you want to strive and not want to give up. Until you find it, chances are that, you will!
People won’t always be there to pat you on the back. You need to find that energy within yourself to keep going.

8.Avoid Distractions

Social media can be a big learning tool but it can also be a big distraction. Instead of scrolling through social media aimlessly, spend that time actually creating your dream life.
Commit to your goals and make time for what matters the most!

9. Affirmation

Repeat after me, I am tougher than anything that wants to put me down. I will not give up no matter what!

You’ve got this!

One of my goals this year is to publish at least one blog post per week.

I am your accountability partner. What are your goals for 2020 and how do you intend to achieve them?
Happy new year; may this year be your best year ever!

In as much as you have to dream and dream big, your goals have to be realistic!

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