How to Be On Time With a Baby

how to be on time

It starts with one late period; then it’s like you can’t be on time for anything!
Everyone talks about there never being enough time in a day; but I have found that this saying is even truer when you have a baby.

First you have to get ready; then you have to get them ready. Don’t get me started on getting a toddler, if your kid is a year or older ready because those, can be a marathon just to get their diaper and clothes on! Without help, you can feel completely burnt out by the time you’re ready to step out.

So, is there a way to actually get your baby or toddler and yourself ready, AND be on time without a hair out of place, you ask? One word- Yep!

I have found that it is possible using these five easy steps outlined below.

Lay out clothes for yourself

Including undies (do you want to spend 10 minutes looking for that particular bra or panty – you know what I’m talking about right?) Place what you need to get yourself ready where you’d remember. Do this first thing in the morning before baby wakes up, or the day before.

lay out clothes

Lay out your baby’s clothes too!

Lay out their clothes and, diapers; and pack your diaper bag as well. There’s a free diaper bag checklist! Grab it here! As a personal rule, these first two must items must be done at least a night before. Don’t you ever think ” I’ll do it in the morning; this will only take five minutes”; because, it won’t, trust me!

Try on your outfit

Particularly if you haven’t worn it in a while. Clothes have a funny way of behaving when you’re in a haste.

Decide on your hairstyle, get your nails done

If you’re stepping out for a special event and would like a different look, don’t decide on the morning on getting your hair done or styling it differently. Deciding on the hairstyle alone can take up so much time even before you know it!

Get up early

As much as it depends on you, go to bed early, so you can get up early. It’s easy to follow through with your plans once you’re up early.

Plan to be ahead of time an hour or at least 30 minutes before the event. So for example, if you need to be out of the house by 11am, plan to be out of the house by 10am.

The extra hour will help you take care of any eventuality that may happen. For instance, your baby needing a diaper change, feeding or breastfeeding, the hairstyle that isn’t working or tantrums. You can actually save up some time
to get your makeup done properly if you’re in the mood to brush it up.

how to be on time with baby

As practical as these points are, sometimes procrastination and tiredness gets the better part of us.
Are you always on time with or without the baby? How do you do it?

how to be on time with baby

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16 thoughts on “How to Be On Time With a Baby”

  1. Esther Dufie Amponsah

    Spot on..
    Getting your child ready can be such a headache. You’ll in the end wish you’d rather stay home.
    Will try out your steps and see how it goes.

  2. I found your tips of how to be on time with a baby spot on. Waking up earlier is necessary and being flexible helps.

  3. This is great advice for being on time. I am extremely punctual and have noticed after having a baby that I am late more and more often!!!

  4. Great tips! All my life I’ve always been super early…now it’s super late. There is no in between! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Within the last year we have had to adjust to driving my son to school – getting out the door in the morning with 3 (now 4) kids is quite the rush! To compensate and make sure we are always on time we started waking up 2 hours before school starts so we have a full hour to get ready and then leave 15 minutes early!

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