How to Make His Birthday Special

Birthday ideas

As moms, we sometimes tend to prioritize our babies when they join the party (us and our partners’ party of two). Other times, life just gets in the way and then there is just not enough time to celebrate your significant other or make them know you appreciate them; but his birthday is coming up and this gives you an opportunity to let him know you do.

Except, you are lost for ideas and don’t know what to do. In today’s post, I will be sharing some fun and budget friendly
ideas you can do to celebrate your partner’s birthday – whether you have been saving your cents or pesewas since his last birthday up to this next one, or you are scrambling for time because you forgot and the day is like (gasps) only 24 hours away – like I said, life gets in the way, and sometimes we lose track of time till the very last second. P.S. set a recurring alarm or a calendar reminder on your phone if you find yourself in the latter category and (almost) forgot!
Now let’s roll…

1. Romantic getaways

Show me where you wanna go and I’ll show you how to get there…

If you are like me who is a big fan of romantic getaways, then your partner’s birthday is a perfect time to
do this. Take time off for a vacation or simply book a hotel in or out of town. Whether a vacation or a staycation, take time to explore new places or activities without any distractions. You could book a couple’s massage, go kayaking or on lazy walks. Regardless of what you choose to do during this time, own your time away and try and be into each other the entire period.

If you like spontaneity, get him to take the day off at work and surprise him with a road trip- to only goodness knows where! Try a mini treasure hunt while you’re at it and see if he figures out where you’re headed.


2. Movie marathon

What’s your favorite movie as a couple? How about getting the kids to bed early or dropping them off with family if you have that option, and catch a movie? You could also binge watch on your favorite TV series or all the movies you’ve been meaning to watch for a while? Go on, you’ve earned it!

3. Sex date

In my post on having sex after a baby, we acknowledged how we sometimes have to schedule sex after we’ve had kids. So, on his birthday, why not spruce things up, wrap yourself up as a present – dress up in his favorite dress you own or get one in his favorite color complete with big bow in your mid-rift (*wink)? You definitely know what his favorite activities to do in bed are, so be generous enough to give it to him.

This can work as a solo project, in combination with movies, after dinner (order in if you can) or a combination of all three.

sex date

4. A customized gift

A customized gift no matter how small is sure to get you a smile. Gifts you can customize are many and wide ranging – from high budget items such as upgrading his car with new features, revamping the interior of his car, to medium to low spend on items- customized wine, perfume, or simply getting him an autographed book from his favorite author.

Smaller gifts such as a personalized key holder for his car or house keys, a wrist watch with his picture or that of the two of you or your family, while likely inexpensive would still elicit lasting memories- did anyone say ‘spousal points’?

Alternatively, if there’s something you know he needs, perhaps because he’s mentioned it a couple of times, get it for him. Sometimes that need is obvious although it’s not been verbally communicated. Look out for the cues, be an angel and surprise him.

5. Photo shoot

When was the last time you had a professional photo shoot besides your wedding day? Many men shy away from the camera but if he’s up for it, a photo shoot is another great option for his birthday! Capture those memories of the two of you, or plus the kids or babies and frame it up!

6. Video

This will for sure take him by surprise! Record a video with your phone or camera and send via email, whatsapp or a direct message. Guaranteed- he’ll be beaming with smiles throughout the day!

7. Love note

Did you ever receive a love note back in High School from an admirer or crush? Do you recall how it made you feel? Get him living those feelings and write him a love note.

Make a list of all the things you appreciate him for and put that into a love note. If you are feeling naughty, include a list of things you plan to do to him on that day.

Love note

8. Q&A session

Conduct a mini interview with him;  ask him what he hopes for the coming year, funny experiences from
before you met, etc. This is also a great way to know him more intimately. Check out these questions and make them your own for his birthday.

9. Text messages

This is what I call the- (“his age” things I love about you). So if he’s 30, then this would be “30 things I love about you”. You can start weeks or days before his birthday and save the best message for last! This can totally replace love notes.
Check out these free text messages that can make him smile and keep his head in the clouds.

make his birthday special

10. Special breakfast

A good breakfast, believe it or not, boosts your mood for the day. While it doesn’t have to be in bed (who wants to deal with possible stains?) A good breakfast is a great way celebrate him on his birthday. This is definitely one of my go-tos on
my husband’s birthday and I always try something he’s had before- but presenting it in a different way. Sometimes I try something he’s never had before.

So if you love trying recipes like me, then have fun with it and try some new fun recipes! What if the recipe goes wrong? Laugh it off make it an inside joke if you dare… I’m sure the effort would be appreciated.

gift ideas for him

11. Sports show

Where are my sports (non)lovers? If he loves sports, his birthday is great time to let him know you’re interested in what he likes or loves.

Read about the sports, his favorite team and players. It’s a win if you can catch a live match! Otherwise, a game on TV should be fine. Surprise him during the game by mentioning the names of the players or calling a foul when it happens!

12. Try a new hobby

What are your favorite hobbies as a couple? His birthday can be a good time to add a few more to the list. Horse riding? Tennis? Snorkeling? Car racing? If there’s an activity you’ve been wanting to try out for a while, his birthday is a perfect excuse to make it happen or introduce fun rules into your usual hobbies, e.g. dancing or shots. Have fun and make sure it’s adrenaline filled- he would probably need that for later!

13. Try PDA-Public Display of Affection

No, I am not talking about face and tongue time in public, although that would be a good idea as well. Show him some love on your social media– Facebook, Instagram stories, Whatsapp status or display pictures.

Some people may never notice these post to be honest; for someone like my husband, I would have to call him or inform him: hey hun, I made a “pretty post” about you on Facebook for him to go and check it out.

If this form of PDA is totally you, and or your partner’s thing, it’s a good idea to let the world know he’s loved and appreciated by you especially on his birthday!

14. Hangout with your favorite people

Do you have a favorite couple(s) to hang out with? Birthdays are a good time to hang out with them. Consider having a couples staycation in your home, or a weekend trip with your favorite couple. Be sure to include anything that will make it fun for you! Prayer time, couples games, movies, discussions on recent happenings and couple goals!

15. Money

I suspect this will raise eyebrows, and I stand to be corrected but I believe extra cash is always a good reason for anybody to smile. Remember to include a special note to say thank you or I love you. I have put a draft note together for you below!

My … (Name here)
“You probably don’t need this money, I do! Lol. This is my way of saying thank you and to remind you that I love you. I appreciate you for who you are and everything you do!

All the money in the world won’t be enough to let you know… This money is for ..? You decide!

I wanna show you some love tonight. Please come home early…

Your name here

gift ideas for him

Final thoughts

Although is post is entitled “how to make his birthday special”, the reverse also works; except that women need more money, if you are a man and going with #15, wink.

I’ve tried these ideas and they work, every single time!

What’s your favorite on the list? How do you make his day extra special?
Gentlemen, what would you like to be included in this list? Share your ideas and comments below.

make his birthday special

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  1. We love doing movie night ins since having children. It’s just so much easier! Put kids to bed and have a romantic movie night in the living room

  2. Great write up. I read every word, interestingly. I think you have put everything a man would want from his wife on his birthday.

  3. great tips! my favorite is the letter !! personalized gifts after a while become so hard to find ! Lol!
    thanks for sharing !

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