Fifteen Productive Activities to Do Whilst on Lockdown

Just when we thought 2020 was gonna be super AWESOME, here we are, faced with uncertainty. News about “figures” and the fear of the unknown is stressful!

Maybe it’s time to take our mind off things and look at the brighter side…

If you’re on lockdown, I’ve put together 15 kinds of activities you can do alone, or with the kids so you don’t get bored or want to tear your hair out crazy while we wait for normalcy.

1. Sleep

On your normal schedule, working and taking care of kids on a daily basis can be tough. If you unfortunately have to commute on a traffic bound route, then you’re nothing short of exhausted everyday! So use this quarantine period to get your much needed rest. Make a conscious note to restrain from any strenuous activity within a certain time. Actually sleeping might is not applicable if you have kids though, but still make the note to just sit down and unwind at this time.

sleep during quarantine

2. Learn a new skill

This is a great way to account for time spent during the lock down period. Fortunately YouTube and other learning sites have free online skills for whatever skill you may want to learn. edX for instance has free certified courses from top schools like Harvard.

3. De-clutter

We all have a dress or pants that hasn’t been worn in over two years but we claim we love and can’t let go off.
Lockdown is great for you to start declutterring, not just our wardrobes but basically everything! Phonebook, kitchen, electronic mail inbox, bathroom (that gel sir)… Anything that is sitting in our lives that is not adding value must go!

4. Quarantine and chill

Set the kids’ favorite show on an iPad or PC if you have this and watch your favorite movies or series on TV or on Netflix, with or without your partner. Or do this with the kids (only PG though, *wink).

5. Dream!

At this time, there’s a lot of uncertainty but one thing we do know for a fact – this will definitely come to an end. When it does, what next?
Were you happy with your life before convid-19? In not, which areas would you like see an improvement? It’s never too late to set new goals. Check out this post on setting goals and actually achieving them!

6. Try a new recipe

Some people are foodies, but while they love to eat they don’t particularly care for the cooking bit. Watch cooking shows, some might just get those juices going, especially if you are a foodie AND love to cook. Set a goal to try at least one new recipe during this period.

try recipes on lockdown

7. Load on games

Let’s face it, kids love to play and when things are normal, many of us have so much to juggle – work, cleaning, getting groceries for the house, being social – it gets a lot! And sometimes playing with the kids is honestly so much work we don’t get to do it regularly. So while this period sucks, take advantage to spend even more time with your kids and release your very own inner child while at it.

8. Make crafts

If you have enough crafts essentials at home, this is a good time to try on hands on something new. Make it fun by ‘employing’ the kids as help buddies.
Not sure what to make? Consider what items you readily have and use this to search ideas online. YouTube/ one minute crafts has tons of ideas and just how to. Get creative!

make crafts during quarantine

9. Read a book

These days, people are more glued to social media than reading. Reading is a healthy habit and a great way to exercise your brain. You can always download an e-book or join an online book club to keep it social.

10. Try an outstanding project

You know that project you have been putting off since you had the first kid, or since work got crazy busy – yes that one. Do it now! Whether it was painting a part of the house, or repairing a wobbly piece of furniture. There’s no time like now. Fix it and see how accomplished you’ll feel especially now!

11. Journal

Write about how you feel currently about everything. It may be difficult to smile now but when everything is over, you’ll smile about all the “crazy” thoughts you had.

journal on lockdown

12. Listen to songs

Personally, there is nothing as reassuring and soothing as the word of God. Worship connects me to my maker, and songs about Worship helps calm my nerves, takes my mind off things and focus on God. Put together a playlist and queue it on the speaker and let the music fill your space.

13. Pray

In situations like these, sometimes it’s difficult to pray. But that shouldn’t stop us from trying. Say a prayer for your family – cover them with the blood, pray for health workers and everyone at the frontline, pray for healing for those infected, the homeless – everyone that comes to mind. It doesn’t have to be long one to be effective.

pray during quarantine

14. Exercise

Humans are made for movement. Fact! And so being locked down is nothing but challenging. Get your mood and body feeling good by taking up exercise at home. YouTube has several options from light stretches and cardio exercises to intensive hours-long ones. Choose what works for you and get moving. You can also walk around in your compound, skip, do jumping jacks, stretch out your muscles, mountain climbs – all short, easy ways to keep fit at home. There are several ways to include the kids or even babies.

15. Stick to routine

If you do have to work while at home, stick to the routine you would if you had to go to work, or even had to take the kids to school. Well, maybe not all the routine – sleep in a little if you can!

Then get dressed, whether in your comfies or dressed up, make breakfast and start work. Take periodic breaks for a stretch as you would at work – use these to get a drink, fix yourself lunch, check on your parents, just stare out the window, etc. Then finish off work and relax.

Productive activities

So there you have it, 15 ways to keep going as we are on lockdown.
Remember to:
– wash your hands for at least 20 seconds frequently, and every time you take a walk even just within your own compound.

– disinfect your personal items (keys, phones) regularly.
– lastly, and most importantly, STAY AT HOME if you are not required to go to work.

We are living in probably the worst of times but we are our best bet to get through this so do your part!

Please share- how you are staying calm during this period?
If you’re a mom, what’s keeping you super busy besides the kids and maybe work?
Wanna talk? I’m just an email away.

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