13 Really Awful Things About Pregnancy

About pregnancy

Before I became a mom, I thought, I’d  have a “chill” pregnancy! Pregnancy as showcased by Beyonce or Kim Kardashian.
I was certain I’d wear high heels, makeup and rock my bump! Why didn’t anyone tell me my nose would grow bigger, my complexion darker and I would forget completely about my high heels.

Till date, I still don’t wear heels so high! I really admire moms who do! I keep having these funny thoughts, what if I need to run? What from or where to, I have no idea. Maybe Corona? Haha.

Hubby brought me a note from work asking that I do a post on what no one tells you about pregnancy, so here I am, finally honoring that invitation.

Pregnancy is beautiful. It’s my prayer that every woman desiring this gift receives this blessing! Nothing beats the feeling of being pregnant when you’re looking forward to it and the bliss of finally having your bundle of joy in your arms. But on the flip side, let’s talk the other things before your bundle of joy arrives…

1. The nausea and vomiting

One of the early pregnancy symptoms is nausea. This is because there is a “foreign body” in your system that seems to reject everything!
The first few months of pregnancy can be the hardest! That’s when the reality hits you about just how amazing your mom really is! You honestly begin to feel bad for every sec you’ve been mean to her!
For some women, the nausea and vomiting can get really awful. Nausea and vomiting for a whole nine months? Sounds excessive? But that’s a complete reality for some women.

2. Cravings and food aversions

Cravings are a real thing! I’m certain you’d heard many weird stories about pregnancy cravings and food aversions. They must be certainly true!
Can you imagine not being able to stand your favorite food? Then loving something you completely disliked?
Let’s blame it on the hormones!
It can create a love-hate relationship for everything food.

pregnancy cravings

3. Spitting

I was lucky to have gotten away with this with my first pregnancy but I wasn’t so lucky with my second! A buildup of saliva that comes to your throat  every few seconds. It can feel kinda gross especially when you are in public. People may judge you but hey, what the heck!

4. Weight gain

It’s absolutely normal to gain some weight when pregnant. However, how much weight you gain during pregnancy may depend on your: genes, how active you are, what you eat during pregnancy and the size of the baby.

Some women never go back to the size they were before they got pregnant. The truth is, that is okay- it’s about you! Loving your body and working on it if you don’t feel so great about it. This post has some practical ideas on how to lose the baby weight.

gaining weight

5. Sleep will elude you ….

Research has it that, until your kids are about four to seven years, you’re most likely never to have a night of uninterrupted sleep. I believe this starts right from pregnancy.
Pregnant women are unable to sleep for many reasons: anxiety, feeling sick, funny midnight dreams and inevitably- waking up to pee!
Taking less fluids at night is helpful but honestly, waking up to pee is not completely avoidable!

6. You will miss your favorite sleeping position

Most of us love sleeping on our tummies or back. This position is not the best, particularly in pregnancy. Sleeping on the tummy is not only uncomfortable but also unsafe for the baby in pregnancy. The best position for sleeping in pregnancy is on your left side for a whole nine months; maybe six since you can get away with any sleeping position in your first trimester.

sleeping in pregnancy

7. Skin issues

Whilst some women get the baby glow (a radiant looking skin during their pregnancy), others battle with skin issues- acne, skin rashes, flaking skin, a much darker complexion for women of color.
Some women also grow a nose like pinnochio.
The good news is, for most women, everything will be back to normal once baby is out.

8. The Heat

It’s getting hot in here.

You’re are practically very warm when pregnant because of  internally generated heat.

9. Painful leg cramps

Also known as charley horse cramps (anase). They can be so painful that you may cry.  This happens most often in the third trimester of pregnancy. To prevent it, you must avoid stretching in bed no matter how tempting it is.


10. Your belly won’t be the only thing getting big

Big nose, swollen feet, swollen hands. I had to take my wedding band off at some point with my first pregnancy.
Elevating your feet when sleeping or sitting helps to prevent the swell.

11. You can’t see your “pinhole” in your 3rd trimester

As your pregnancy progresses, it becomes difficult to see within a certain “radar” or bend (which is not advisable though). You will not be able to see your vagina in your third trimester. If you need a good shave, a mirror or your partner is your best bet!

12. Pregnancy sex

If there are no underlying health issues, sex during pregnancy is actually healthy and won’t harm the baby in any way. However, trying to find that  perfect position in the second and third trimester- gosh!

Positions that seem to work in the second and third trimester are: doggy, 69, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl (pregnant goddess) and spooning.

sex in pregnancy

13. Exhaustion

You will be so tired of being tired! Energy levels are great in the second trimester compared to the first and third. This is the best time to trimester to have a babymoon or take any critical projects that require energy!

Having a baby may put a strain on your relationship…

Pregnancy is the easy part, having a baby will test your relationship. For the better or worst… There are parenting styles, temperament differences, family finances, low libido for women, postpartum depression, little family support, low family support, invasive family support, unsolicited parenting advice and figuring it all out as new parents…

All these can make parenting tough, but it’s an amazing opportunity!
You will make mistakes (we all do), but you will learn as well. It won’t get easier, but you will get better!

For moms to be, which aspects of this post do you find amusing or rather, not amusing? For the moms, which aspects of this post resonates with you the most?


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