19 Early Signs That Scream – ’’I am Pregnant”!

Early Pregnancy Signs

Some early pregnancy signs may have similarities with premenstrual syndrome (PMS). But it is possible to tell them apart. It is also possible to know you are pregnant even before you pee on a stick! Yes it is!

One could be pregnant without even knowing it, ha!

I know quite a few people who have mistakenly aborted pregnancies because they took drugs that aren’t safe in pregnancy. With the reason being that, they didn’t know they were.

I read another heartbreaking story about a woman who had been trying to conceive for years only to have aborted the pregnancy unknowingly.
Don’t mistaken that headache or that tummy upset for what it feels like.

Well it happened to me- I was pregnant and I didn’t even know I was. If I knew about these early pregnancy signs then, I would have been less anxious.

Before you confirm whether or not you are pregnant, there are subtle signs that may give you clues. It’s easy to miss out on these signs.

Is it time to pee on a stick or see a doctor?
Check out these signs first.

1. Tender breasts

Do your breasts feel tender? The nipple area may also get a little bigger and darker. This is because your body is preparing to produce breast milk.

If your breasts feel different, heavier or even a little painful, you could be pregnant.

Early pregnancy sign-tender breasts

2. Nausea

Do you have a strong urge to throw up even after a meal you totally enjoyed or do you feel like throwing up early in the mornings?

Morning sickness may not necessarily occur in the mornings. It can happen at anytime of the day.

It may be triggered by strong smell among other things.

Maybe you haven’t thought about it but it could be because you are pregnant.

3. Increased frequency of urination

No it can’t be, I just peed 10 minutes ago! This is as a result of the expanding uterus putting pressure on your urinary bladder. It gives the need or urgency to empty your bladder. This doesn’t happen early for some women but rather later in pregnancy but sure does happen for others.

Early pregnancy sign-frequent urination

4. Headaches

Sometimes, pregnancy gives you this unbearable headache. The pain seems a bit on and off.

Your body goes through tons of changes when you are pregnant. For example, certain hormones are produced by the fetal membrane.

These changes at the beginning of pregnancy may cause your head to throb.

Early pregnancy sign-headaches

5. Drowsiness

Did I mention your body is undergoing so many changes? It can make you drowsy especially when you get up too quickly. from a lying or sitting position.

6. Bloating

You’re going to be feeling a bit “gaseous”. Oh my dear husband suffered because there was gas everywhere, well literally.

7. Acne

If your skin decided to breakout it could be as a result of increased androgen hormones during pregnancy for some women. Skin issues in pregnancy extends beyond just acne and could last throughout pregnancy or just the first trimester.

Acne- Early Pregnancy sign

9. Cramps

When you are pregnant, you will get period-like-cramps. This will feel exactly like menstrual cramps but there will be no menstruation and even if there is, it is implantation bleeding, not your real period.

Implantation bleeding is when there is minimal bleeding because a fertilized embryo attaches to the uterus-this is not unusual however.

10. Cravings and aversions

If you have started feeling like eating this and eating that, it could be because you are pregnant. Those cravings are not coming out of nowhere.

Food cravings in early pregnancy

Also, if you start to detest foods and snacks that are your favorite, it could be pregnancy doing you injustice.

I remember having to give up rice in any form during my pregnancy because I could not stand the smell or taste of it.

11. Rise in body temperature

If you have been tracking your basal temperature for increased fertility, you’d notice an increase in temperature around the time of ovulation.

However, there is a decline in temperature before your period. But if you’re pregnant the temperature will still remain high.

increase in basal temperature- early pregnancy symptom

12. Vivid dreams

If you have started having really weird dreams which you can remember vividly, it could be because you are pregnant.

vivid dreams-early pregnancy

13. A heightened sense of smell

Being pregnant may mean you may be able to smell things in a way nobody does. This includes the yummy food and yucky stuff.

So do not be surprised when you get a funny look or a no when you ask: “Can you smell that”?

People may catch on but you’re way ahead of the pack.


14. Constipation

Blame constipation on the hormones! Progesterone which increases during pregnancy relaxes the digestive tract. This means food passes through the intestines more slowly than it would have. Source.

Digestion can be improved in early pregnancy and throughout pregnancy by eating fiber rich foods, fruits and vegetables as well as drinking more water.

If you have difficulty in drinking water, you check out point two of this post.

15. Mixed emotions

If you’re feeling super emotional. Crying over nothing. Overly excited about something, sweetheart, you could be pregnant. Even the little things can make you tick too.

Early pregnancy sign- mixed emotions

16. Exhaustion coupled with sleepiness

Because your body is working so hard to produce a new born, it’s plausible to feel exhausted. Not only are you tired, but sleepy as well.

If you are a working woman, you may find yourself fighting sleep behind your desk or in a meeting.

If you lose the battle, you may embarrassingly catch yourself dosing.

tiredness in early pregnancy


17. Metallic taste

Another pregnancy symptom is having a metallic taste that makes food taste funny in your mouth. This metallic taste which could be sour or bitter makes you go off your favorite food.

I am a tea with cream lover. Can you imagine my frustration when I found out that tea with cream tasted so awful in my mouth?

arly pregnancy sign.metallic taste

18. Feeling unwell

You may generally feel sick. This is usually a combination of some of the signs mentioned earlier. For instance, headache, loss of appetite, or feeling feverish.

The symptoms can mimic a febrile ailment. If you are from a malaria endemic area, it’s easy to mistaken this for malaria.

19. A missed period

This is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.  It’s easy to detect with a regular cycle. However, this can be unreliable because a late period may not necessarily mean one is pregnant. A number of factors like stress or certain medications can delay your period.

What if after experiencing some of these signs you still get a negative pregnancy test?

Pregnancy test

Well it could be that your BhCG (beta Human chorionic Gonadotropin ) levels are low. BhCG is a hormone produced by the fetal membranes and later by the placenta. It’s advisable you wait for up to 14 days after a missed period to use a home pregnancy test kit. When checking in the hospital with a serum or blood test, pregnancy can be detected as early as 5-7 days.

Good luck and congratulations if you are! Are there signs you experienced or are experiencing that’s not in the list?

How long did it take you to find out that you were pregnant?

Would you like to share?

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  1. I’m actually experiencing almost all the signs, I’m both excited and nervous and can’t wait to take the test

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